2017 has been a year of intense and rapid change.

It has been such a challenging time for so many in different ways. And yet, there is so much to be grateful for.

No matter how you are feeling at this time of great change on our beautiful planet, you are invited to join us at the threshold of the New Year to gather in community around the sacred fire.

We come to the fire to express our gratitude for our ancestors, for our lives, for all of life. We come to the fire to remind ourselves of the light within us. We come to the fire to lay down what no longer serves us and to set our intent for what we want to create in the coming year.

On this full moon eve of 2018, let's remind ourselves of the brilliant lights that we are and reaffirm our capacity to create positive change in our own lives as well as in the world around us.

The firewalk ceremony is a potent, ancient ritual for healing the body, mind and spirit. The firewalk fire is always and only lit for healing. Firewalking has been practiced by cultures around the world for thousands of years. Walking on fire teaches us a deeply important lesson: what we think and believe shapes the reality that we experience.

*Walking the fire is voluntary.
You will benefit from the healing powers of the fire ceremony,
whether you walk or not*










About Mary Beth Reid:

A little bit about me: I have been studying and practicing healing arts and the body mind spirit connection for over 30 years.
I am a Reiki Master teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoh tradition, a teacher and practitioner of Shamanism and Shamanic Healing, a certified yoga teacher in the Embodyoga tradition, and a certified Sundoor Firewalk Instructor and empowerment coach, as well as a Sundoor Trainer. I also work as an art mentor at an afterschool art program for high school students.
I love to paint, make pottery, knit, and take photographs. And I am an avid beekeeper, gardener and lover of the natural world!

More information about Mary Beth Reid can be found at: www.marybethreid.com



Events of the evening:

Arrive for a Pot Luck dinner at 7pm.
The workshop will begin at 9pm.
We plan to walk the coals at midnight into the New Year.
We will greet January 1st with a First Light Ceremony and a Yoga Practice followed by a communal breakfast.
(please add $5 to your registration if you plan on spending the night at the farm - more details below)


How to register?

Contact Isa to reserve your spot.

Mail a check in the amount of $85 (or $75 if registering before December 15) made out to Isa Oehry to:
Isa Oehry
684 Taylor Road
Greensboro Bend, VT 05842


What to bring?

Dress in comfortable clothing for indoors and winter attire for outdoors. Wear winter boots you can easily take off and on without socks. Bring slippers for indoors if you like.

Bring a drum (or a percussion instrument). You need not be an expert drummer.

Seize the moment - It will be a time of celebration, change, and healing.



Highland Lodge, a wonderful mid-century country style bed and breakfast in Greensboro overlooking Caspian Lake offers rooms and affordable cabins.

Contact Heidi Lauren at: www.highlandlodge.com - and mention Old Clary Farm 'Firewalk' for a discount.

We have floor space available at the Old Clary Farm (space lmited). You will need to bring your own sleeping bag and a pad. (Please make sure you reserve your floor space and add $5 to your registration fee if you are planning on spending the night at the farm).


Firewalking Testimonials

“Mary Beth, I really appreciated you reaching out to me for the part where we pared up. I really was feeling a bit separated, but, needed to sit where my knee could be more comfortable. After watching the others walk over the coals, I knew I could do it. I did not walk the fire this time, but, next time, I will for sure. You were a wonderful leader and your firekeeper was also a great firekeeper. I would certainly do this again, having the opportunity.” Thank you,
Patti Two Ravens
Mother Moose Drum

“Mary Beth, I never saw myself walking across fire...you held such a sacred space full of power and healing. I will never forget the moment when you said to the fire "I love you"... you forever changed how I see fire, a living spirit that we can honor and work with. Thank you for a magical evening.”
~Warren, Wilmington Delaware

“Fire walking as a Spiritual Healing. I attended a fire walking ceremony led by Mary Beth and found it healing. The hours leading up to the walk, as the fire burned down to embers, helped the group to release limiting beliefs and talk about becoming one with the fire. It was wonderful and allowed me to remove an anxiety over a family medical situation. I felt relief, exhilaration and self confidence after the fire walk. Most people I told the next week at home think there is a trick, it was not hot, we had shoes on, or we walked next to it. Nope! It was very hot, we were barefoot, it felt room temperature to me as I walked across becoming one with the fire, and afterwards I had shiny pink feet but no blisters. I can't thank Mary Beth enough for her teachings before the fire walk.”
~Jennifer Tung, Madison, CT

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I knew I wanted to try fire walking – I just didn’t know why, or if I would be able to do it given the chance. Seventeen years later I met Mary Beth Reid. The fire walk had not been on the weekend schedule, but the time was right. Mary Beth’s passion and belief in the spiritual power of these ceremonies united the group with acceptance, love, courage and support. I walked the fire more than once – and that was the first night I can remember that I did not awake to undefined terror. Something deep inside me had been transformed.”
~Alison Heyniger, MBA, MS, PhD
Artist, Writer and Reiki Master

“It has been a few weeks now, since I walked across fire to release my fear and limitations and I am still vibrating from the supportive container and experience that Mary Beth created that evening. I have sat in circle with many a gifted teacher and I now count Mary Beth
as one of them as well.”
~Damini Celebre, PA

“On my bucket list was to walk the fire, someday, when the time and energy was right. With Mary Beth as the kind-hearted and confident facilitator of this daring endeavor, it was undoubtedly time for me to “JUST DO IT!” Mary Beth crafted an alluring journey for participants to re-think and re-energize their relationship with FIRE and how that applies to our ways of being and doing in the world: “How can I be with and in the FIRE without getting burnt?” The experience was respectful, inspiring, heart-centered, and all-out empowering. It was a life-changing event where I explored and confronted *raw fear* and with Mary Beth’s leadership, I self-assuredly walked the smoldering coals for a much-needed renewal. I DID IT!”
~Jay Thomas, M.A., M.Ed.
Health/Wellness Coach & Fitness Specialist
American Council on Exercise and Wellcoaches