Timothy Lee Scott - Audio - September 8, 2018
talk on LYME disease and alternative treatments

Timothy Lee Scott

Unraveling the Mystery of Lyme: 
The Disease and its Treatment

Lyme disease is inundating the Northeast, infecting great numbers, and creating much distress and anxiety for those inflicted, and for their friends and families.  Lyme spirochetes are stealth pathogens that can stay hidden from the immune system and out-maneuver conventional antibiotic treatment, with many of the symptoms mimicking other diseases and affecting multiple organ systems.  Herbalist Timothy Scott will be sharing his experiences with this disease from a perspective as a health care provider, as one who was inflicted, as a researcher, and as an avid outdoorsman.  Tim will sift through the confusing and conflicting information surrounding Lyme disease, its transmission, and its treatment, to provide a source of healing for those who suffer and useful knowledge in prevention of this devastating disease.

Timothy Scott is an herbalist, gardener, and writer with a master's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Timothy Scott runs a private practice and herbal company in Brattleboro, Vermont, specializing in Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses, and gives talks and workshops on herbal medicine, Lyme disease, cultivating endangered medicinal plants, and the uses of invasive plants.

Tim is also author of Invasive Plant Medicine (Inner Traditions, 2010) , exploring the ecological benefits and healing abilities of invasive plants.